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13 Oct

We have reached 1000 page likes. Thank Fans

Recently we have reached 1000 and more page likes on our facebook page BahariWebTech. We that all users and fans of BahariWeb and Bahari Technologies in general and for that, we will always provide the best web hosting and development services to all our clients. That you for trusting us. On this celebration times, we would like to provide something back to all our users like a thank you. We will provide FREE 100 hosting accounts. These accounts will have 100 MB space of hosting and they will include all the important features like emails accounts, databases, backups, and much more. We announce this offer when it is ready. We are currently working on it.

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26 May

Now you can Earn money on Bahariweb.co.tz as an Affiliate

Earn Money as an Affiliate

At bahariweb.co.tz we have started our affiliate referral program, is a way that we can pay you money if you refer a client to our website. If you refer a client and when client purchase domain name, web hosting or another service we will pay us 20%(twenty percent) of each product the client purchase. Although if you join our free affiliate program you will also get 20% off the price when you purchase the products yourself.

How to Start

Steps of joining our affiliates program is very simple, you just have to register on our client area here and there send contact bahariweb.co.tz admin to activate your affiliate account so you can log in as the affiliate to start earning money, is that simple. Once you log in into your account you will get a unique link, which has your affiliate codes so you can share it on your social media accounts. When that link clicked our secure system will record the client clicks and once the client register and purchase any of products like domain names and web hosting, you will get 20% of everything he/she purchase.

Collect you money

Once the sale is done you will see live data on your account and you can contact [email protected] for money withdraw. Once the payment is authorized we will send the payment through mobile payments like tigo pesa, m-pesa, airtel money etc.

Share your link

You only need to register and get your affiliate link and share it as much as possible to get people to click it so you can start making money. If you have any question regarding this opportunity just contact bahariweb.co.tz for further details

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19 May

What kind of web hosting do you need.

Before selecting a web hosting package, you must first identify what you need your website to do. The purpose of any website is to make the reader take some course of action. What course of action do you want them to take? What message do you wish to send? How are you going to send that message? The answers to these questions determine the amount of bandwidth you need, the website availability you require, and the peripheral services you must include (such as video hosting services). Once you know these things, you can then make an educated decision on what  package to purchase. After reading this post, if you are still unsure you can call us at bahariweb.com, we will be happy to help.


Free Web Hosting has its limits. It is free because the web hosting provider makes money in some other way—usually by filling your site with some advertisements or pushing you to buy more services. You are unlikely to look very legitimate to your customers under a free plan. Additionally, free plans seldom provide enough resources to handle more than a few visitors at a time. Personal blogs often utilize this if they have a small audience and publish occasionally.

Shared Hosting is the most common and cost-effective means to get your website up and running. Shared hosting plans can cost less than $10 per month for enough space and bandwidth to put up a modest eCommerce or informational site. In a shared plan, your site shares space with other websites on the same server. Because of the number of connections to the web each server has, your site can still be accessed by many users simultaneously even though other users are accessing other sites on the same server. Many small eCommerce sites and blogs  utilize shared hosting because it’s affordable and easy to manage.

Dedicated Hosting enables customers to utilize an entire server without competing for resources. Most web hosts will give you an option between managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting. In unmanaged hosting, you are granted root access to the server and are expected to maintain it yourself. This gives you more control over the server but requires more in-house expertise. In managed hosting, the host retains similar control over the server that they would have under shared hosting. While you will pay more for managed hosting, you will enjoy the benefits of not having to worry about standard server maintenance. Dedicated hosting—whether managed or not—is best when your site experiences a lot of traffic. Large eCommerce sites, high-volume informational sites, or small data streaming sites will all require dedicated servers for optimal performance.


Cloud Hosting provides many of the same benefits and resources of dedicated hosting without a single point of failure since your site is not relying upon one server. This method is similar to diversifying your stock portfolio. If one of the servers has a problem, your site is still operative. This feature is known as failover or cloud hosting redundancy. Cloud hosting protects you and keeps your costs low ($50 per month, for example). Cloud hosting relies on virtual server technology that can access the resources of multiple servers. Each virtual server is designed to meet the needs of your website. Because of this, cloud hosting gives you more resources and flexibility than are possible with shared hosting. Large eCommerce sites, high-volume informational sites, and data streaming sites are all possible with cloud hosting. In fact, cloud hosted sites are often preferred over dedicated hosting because of the flexibility and failover capabilities.


The term co-location in web hosting refers to a fully managed datacenter where businesses that own their own hardware can store it. Co-located servers are completely unmanaged by the web host. All the web host provides is security, alternate power sources, and climate control. All other server maintenance is carried out by the company that owns the co-located servers.


Features of Hosting Services

Many web hosts price individual features independently of the type of web hosting the client chooses. For example, they may have one price for “standard content” (text and some images) and a higher price for streaming content (files, videos, and other media). This is because of the bandwidth required to handle the demand. Sites that offer media streaming tend to be more popular and attract more users, and naturally it takes a lot more bandwidth per user to stream media than simply text and images.


Let us go over the various features you may want to your website and discuss how each will affect your experience with your web host.


eCommerce sites are the typical hosting type most businesses choose because they usually want to sell products on their website. eCommerce sites are actually not much more demanding on servers than traditional informational sites. eCommerce sites require shopping carts and merchant accounts, which do not require much additional bandwidth but do require extra setup between the client and financial institutions. Any extra charge from the web host would come for additional security at the client’s request.


Email hosting provides you with your own email domain and links it to your website. A good email host will provide spam and virus protection against incoming servers. Different types of email hosting exist—the basic type, POP3, will download messages to Outlook, Thunderbird, or other email clients. More advanced services like IMAP or Microsoft Exchange will keep copies of emails on the server, and they will sync email folders between multiple computers (or mobile devices) and the server. Private email domains driven by Gmail are also available.


Blog sites are actually called “web log” hosting. A true blog (or web log) will support authoring, editing, and syndication of posts. It will also include features for moderation and image management. This enables you to publish posts and let others comment on them, put up images, block users who trash your blog with nasty comments, and let users link your blog to their RSS feeds (such as Google Reader). These are features that differentiate a personal blog from a more professional “web log.” Generally, a good web host will provide these features at no additional cost.


Image sites refer to sites where users can upload and download photos. In a simple example, a professional photographer uploads photos to the site for a given number of days, and clients can purchase and download photos from the site. In a more complex example, a social networking site allows many people to upload and download images at will. These services require much more bandwidth than the typical informational or eCommerce site.


Video and music websites require a lot of space and bandwidth (and if you plan on becoming a world-renowned site like YouTube or Napster, you will need an enormous amount of it). Large amounts of video or music streaming will probably mean large costs as well, especially when your site allows people to both upload and download media. If you want a simple “by family, for family” website to post home videos, you may be able to get by on a shared hosting plan with its space and bandwidth limits. If your target audience is any bigger than that, however, you’ll need a cloud or dedicated hosting to get the availability you want.


Finding the Right Host

Once you know what features you need for your website and have determined what type of web hosting you want, it is time to find the right company to provide that hosting. The good provider will:

Guarantee that their servers are up 99% of the time

Guard servers against physical access by any intruders

Not add advertisements to your site or sell your information to third parties

Provide support and consult with you about your needs at no extra cost

Once you have chosen the right web host and hosting plan for your site, you can focus on your business and simply let your website work for you.

At bahariweb.com, we have all these features plus much more to help you get started with minimum configuration required with full-time customer care support to answer any of your queries,

Post by westhost.com.

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12 May

6 Reasons why you need personal website or blog

  1. Being Found anytime though your personal website

Having a personal website or personal blog is a one of professional ways of showing your presence to the community around you and the world. 60% of Recruiting companies around the world, look for their candidates online. So if you have a well-drafted website, the odds of you being found by the companies and business are resting on your side.

  1. Shine your personality

Only people who know and feel your personality are people around you every day, then what about people who never met you, don’t you think its time for them to experience your personality. Having a personal website or blog makes other people know that you are modern and someone  who is living the present and the future. Personal websites are no longer a thing of website professionals or other like lawyers or well known politicians, Its for everybody who have something to do with modern world.


  1. Look Professional

Your professional is not something to hide to as matter of fact in today’s world, the world always needs someone like you to do something, so it’s very smart move to put your professional status on the web for everybody to see, because if you won’t show them your professional site though your personal website, they will find your competitor. It’s very professional if you put your personal website address on your cv as for someone who is looking your cv to find that you have your own personal website, that will make you look more active and professional.

  1. Get your word out

Everybody have something to say either is a personal view or guidance on something the world because we all have some kind of experience of few things, that we can share. It’s obvious that you have your social network accounts so you can share them with the facebook, twitter and many other, but it will be very engaging if you put your views and opinions on your personal website first and share them across multiple social networks and as for today, that task is done automatically with the help of some web framework like WordPress, Joomla and many more.

  1. An instant portfolio

It very convenient for everyone who needs to know you to know where they can found your portfolio at anytime from anywhere. If you have a personal website or blog it’s the great place to put the works that you have done or any professional material that you need to share with the public. Your website will speak for you when you are not reachable. For the job seeker, it very cool if you have a well designed professional website as most of the time job recruiters will check you online presence before contacting you personally.

  1. Earn Money through personal website

May it’s not your primary goal on wanting a website, but your website or blog can make you a MONEY. Yes, people earn the honest living through their blogs and websites and just for the content they put on their website either is a blog post, videos, images, and many other digital materials. There are many ways you can earn money through your website/blog, but the well know way is through putting other people advertisement on you website/blog. You can check Google Adsense, other private companies, and many other third parts online advertisers. You can contact Bahariweb.com, we can explain the whole procedure. How much of money you can make through your website or blog is depend on various factor but one of them is how much traffic you are having on your website.

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07 May

Why you need a Website

  1. Get more Customer

    Nowadays, when people wakes up in the mornings checks for the blogs, social media pages before even step our of their bed.  There more than 2.4 billion people use internet everyday and If you are doing business or any kind of interaction with people then, you missing out the very big payout. Worldwide nearly 90% of people going to the internet buys something, or contacted a company, online in the whole year. So if you not having a website, you will be missing out on a large number of people, who are supposed to do business with you.

  2. Give your Business value

    Have you tried getting a business loan recently? It’s not easy, but if you try and the bank manager asks to see your website, you better have a pretty good one. It doesn’t just stop with the bank, the perceived value of your business will be lower in everyone’s eyes – especially your customers.

  3. Be close to your customers

    By having a blog or even just some photos on your website, you can inform customers about your offers, products, promotions, events, or any other content. Your customer will have a 24/7 customer care window to help your customers with basic information like contact or what your business is about for the new wondering customers. But if someone whats to buy something from your business and they do find your website, then you are giving them a clear doubt on what they intend to buy from you.

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